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Value Cards
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Values are all about prioritization. Our values tend to guide the way we’re living our lives as well as our behavior. Because everyone is unique, no one has the exact same priorities. These cards are an excellent way to reflect upon what’s most important to you and whether you’re living your life consistent with your core values.

Each of the cards describes something that may represent a personal value. If you feel like a value is missing, write it on one of the blank cards. Sort all the cards into the three stacks: “Very important,” “Important,” and “Not important.” The only rule is that there can’t be more than 5–10 cards in the “Very important” stack. When you’ve finished sorting the cards, you take the 5–10 cards in “Very important” and prioritize them. Chances are that the top 3-5 values will match your core values.  

It’s perfectly normal to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and get emotional in the process. The exercise makes you reflect on your life, your priorities, and your behavior. Allow yourself time to notice how you feel; are you living your life consistent with your values? Do you experience challenges, dilemmas, or have a decision to make that could be informed by these values? Are your values in or outside of your own control? Do you need to make changes in your life to live more consistently with your values?


Printed on Artic Paper Munken Kristall paper by Plotteriet.

Munken, by Arctic Paper, are high-quality uncoated fine papers. They are environmentally friendly and the ideal choice for companies wishing to convey a genuine natural impression in their printed material. All Munken standard products are available as EU Ecolabel, FSC® FSC-C020637 and PEFC™ PEFC/05-33-99 certified.


This product is printed on-demand, which means that you should expect the delivery time to be 1-2 weeks.