LULU—LAND is a tiny global community for creative "kids", artists, architects, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers, actors, writers, poets, athletes, and entrepreneurs – all of those to whom crazy ideas and thinking differently somehow comes naturally. A community that brings together like-minded creators, great thinkers, troublemakers, popcorn brains, nomads, explorers, geeks, rebels, and curious outsiders, who thrive with fluid boundaries and whose restlessness, curiosity, and creative mindset are their greatest strengths.

LULU—LAND allows for fun ventures, collaborations, and crazy ideas at the stage where no one knows if they'll fly or fall. There are no rules. We experiment, we learn, and we grow in the process. We love to challenge the status quo, and we seek to move people. We're inspired by the madness around us and like to share that inspiration.

LULU—LAND is an idea of creating something; we don't know exactly what is yet. A space that emerges, evolves, and develops over time, a platform that's able to grow with us. It's our workspace, our office, a creative studio, consultancy and bureau. It's a collection of ideas, a journal, curated inspiration, a webshop, events and happenings, an exhibition, a workshop, a pop-up ... We never completely define it: in that sense, LULU—LAND is continually changing. The overall purpose is to inspire. We firmly believe that happiness is a journey, not a destination.
LULU—LAND was founded in 2019 by a kid named Lulu who was told "No", "You can't do that"  and "That's not how it's supposed to be done" a lot growing up, making her feel wrong, different and like she didn't fit in.
Lulu spent a significant amount of years trying to figure out why she felt the way she did and trying to explain her way of thinking to others who just didn't get it. Luckily, in the process of trying to understand, Lulu found that she wasn't alone. She met a lot of other "kids" just like herself on her journey.
Long story short, Lulu got tired of explaining herself all the time, and therefore she created LULU—LAND where she and her friends can do whatever (the f***) they want, no one can tell them what they "can"  and "cannot"  do.
In LULU—LAND there is no such thing as asking too many questions or being too curious.
LULU—LAND is a 100% remote micro-business. We are everywhere and nowhere. Luckily, emails find us anywhere. If you would like to work with us or collaborate, don't hesitate to contact us! The same if you would like to apply for a job or internship, please write us an email at Tell us a little bit about who you are and, most importantly, "What inspires you?" !

LULU [/ˈlu:lu:/]
  1. A feminine name used as short form of Louise.
  2. A remarkable object, idea, or thing of its kind. An outstanding example of a particular type of person or thing. Someone or something remarkable or wonderful; now, specif.,someone or something that is remarkably complex, difficult, or frustrating.


LULU—LAND; an imaginary land where everything is possible.





How to become a contributor?
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We like submissions via email. Please, send your contribution (text, images, videos, podcasts, drawings, media, credits, etc.) to
You don't necessarily have to provide us with a full story to contribute. We love to get a heads-up or tip on anything you think we should check out. You don't have to travel far; look around… when you open your eyes, inspiration is everywhere.
You are always welcome to tag us if there are something you want us to see – Instagram, hashtag #lululandio.
How we curate content?
We don't have formal criteria; to be honest, we base most of our decisions on our gut feelings and intuition. We want to feature a carefully curated selection of stories with an edge, crazy ideas, new concepts, different perspectives, experiences, thoughts, feelings, dreams, products, services, and recommendations. We know when we see it. As a rule of thumb, we don’t feature highly commercial or "salesy" content. If in doubt, send us an email anyway.
We do our absolute best to look through everything and get back to everyone. However, as we are a tiny business, with limited resources, chances are we might miss something. It may take us some time to get back to you. It's fine to give us a nudge or send us the odd reminder – we do overlook things sometimes.
Meanwhile, we'll add you to our "contributor" mailing list. You'll receive an occasional email from us, which we of course fully understand if you, for some reason, decide to unsubscribe from.
How we handle credits?
We are rarely able to pay for content, but we love to credit everyone for their work. So please remember to send us names, links, and full copyright details where appropriate.
Boring (but important) legal stuff
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