At LULU—LAND, we love coloring outside the lines and we'll never be one thing to everyone. We work with a wonderful mix of inspiration, creativity and design, advisory and strategy, sustainable development, co-creation, collaborations, and partnerships. If you aren't exactly sure what we do or what we are, but are curious, reach out!
We would love to get to know you and explore how we can work together. We like working with people who rare at conformity, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is unquestionable – whether that be businesses within the creative industries or like-minded creators.

We aim to inspire people and businesses to continually develop and have the courage to do things differently. We challenge traditional thinking and give people a gentle push out of their comfort zone – though it can be scary, being trapped within it, is even scarier.
We want to inspire people to create their own path in life, to challenge themselves and work hard to achieve their goals with a positive mindset. We love to share our ideas, the things that inspire us, and can be persuaded to talk about creativity, the future of work, and popcorn brain.

We thrive in chaotic and creative environments and work with iterative processes, creativity, and design in both a broad and narrow sense – as a basis for problem-solving, idea generation and concept development as well as for creating aesthetic visual communication, storytelling, and brand identity.
Design is all around us, we’re not always aware, but it affects how we interact with our surroundings and the way we perceive the world.
We believe that creativity is a prerequisite for success in an increasingly global, turbulent, and fast-changing world. Luckily, we all have creative potential. Creativity is for everyone!
We get a kick out of helping people develop and grow. We like to help others unlock their potential and gain a sense of direction by working with goal setting and breaking goals down into achievable and tangible objectives. We love to use our creative, analytical, and strategic mindset to create a better future for everyone.
We guide like-minded creators and businesses within the creative industries in creating clear visions and the strategies to achieve them, under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

We're advocating for a sustainable future and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals to build a better world for people and our planet.
We seek to think sustainability into everything we do, but we aren't fanatic, and definitely not saints. We don't believe in "sustainability shaming" – calling people out for not doing enough to reduce impact isn't the way to create change.
To us, being sustainable means taking simple and smaller actions that can generate impact both short-term and long-term. There's absolutely no doubt that we need to change and that we need to change fast. However, even the greatest changes occur in tiny increments.
We're convinced that collaboration and the sharing of knowledge is key to sustainable development. We want to inspire sustainable change in a positive way, reflective of reality. We believe in lifelong development and learning. We're always curious and seek advice and inspiration from others.
LULU—LAND is built on curiosity and creativity. We firmly believe in exchanging ideas and inventing the future together. We love to explore how we can help each other and join efforts to accomplish mutual goals. We firmly believe it's possible to create valuable synergies through co-creation, collaboration, and partnerships—it's our experience that magic happens when we work together.
We like to explore all kinds of collaborations and partnerships within the creative industries. We enjoy coming together with like-minded creators and teaming up with brands that inspire us and get us excited. When working together, it's essential we share a similar mindset and have the same high standards in terms of quality in everything we do, mutual respect and trust are key, and finally—above everything—it has to be fun.


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