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UPDATED 07/10—2020

Copenhagen is an endless source of inspiration – and it will probably always feel like home. This is where the idea of LULU—LAND was born.
The tiny capital has become known for its excellent taste in everything from architecture, furniture design, interior, fashion, and—of course—food. In recent years, there has been a surge in bars, restaurants, shops, and fashion designers insisting on a less formal, lighthearted way of doing things, which makes it a lot of fun too!
Abroad, Denmark is known to repeatedly rank as one of the happiest countries in the world, most likely due to high levels of equality and a strong sense of shared responsibility for social security and welfare.
More recently, The World Economic Forum also found that the tiny northern country ranks in the top, as best-performing, when it comes to the environment and sustainable development; virtually all waste is recycled, composted, or incinerated, and the country is world-leading when it comes to climate change commitments. Aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030.
Visiting Copenhagen might give you an idea of why this is. It's one of the busiest bike cities in the world. Biking is, without a doubt, the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Most hotels have bikes you can borrow, but if not, there are bike rental shops all over the city. There's literally no better way to explore Copenhagen than on a bike.
This is a collection of our favorite areas and places, some more know than others. Whether you live in Copenhagen or are traveling, we hope you'll get inspired to explore the city.

Copenhagen K (City Center)

Beau Marché
French interior shop, wine bar & intimate date spot ($$)

Ny Østergade 32, 1101 CPH K

Always crowded upscale bistro, bar & hangout spot ($$$)

Borgergade 16, 1300 CPH K

Bottega Barlie
Local neighborhood café & natural wine bar ($$)

Fredericiagade 78, 1310 CPH K

La Glace
Elegant cake & pastry café est. in 1870 ($$$)

Skoubogade 3, 1158 CPH K

Stilleben No. 22
Interior design, craftsmanship & peculiar objects

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 3, 1153 CPH K

High-end urban food market with local produce, gourmet food & beverages ($$$)

Frederiksborggade 21, 1362 CPH

Time's Up Vintage
High-end vintage clothing

Krystalgade 4, 1172 CPH K

Another Nuè
High-end woman's clothing

Krystalgade 3, 1172 CPH K

Local street with small shops, affordable second-hand clothing, and bars.

Vera's Vintage  (Affordable)
The Log Lady (Dive bar $$)
Cosy Bar (Gay bar $$)
Atlas Bar (Local restaurant $$)

Local coffee bar & eatery ($$)

Rådhusstræde 5, 1466 CPH K

Kunsthal Charlottenborg & Apollo Bar
Contemporary museum & vegetarian bistro ($$)

Nyhavn 2, 1051 København

Hey Captain
Copenhagen canal tours

Kvæsthusbroen 1, 1252 CPH K

Cosy and casual restaurant ($$$)

Ny Adelgade 3, 1104 CPH K

Concept store, art studio, design & flowers

Store Kongensgade 50, 1264 CPH K

Classic & creative cocktail bar ($$$)

Nybrogade 10, 1203 CPH K

Hotel Sanders***** & TATA Cocktail Bar
Breakfast, lunch, dinner & rooftop terrace ($$$$)

Tordenskjoldsgade 15, 1055 CPH K

Late-night eatery & bar ($$$)

Strandgade 20, 1401 CPH K

Classic cocktail bar ($$$)

August Bournonvilles Passage 1, 1055 CPH K

Classic & nerdy cocktail bar ($$$)

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 32, 1153 CPH K

Luxury second-hand & vintage clothing

Købmagergade 5, 1150, 1150 CPH K

Rosy Vintage
Perfectly worn and affordable vintage clothing

Kronprinsensgade 9, 1114 CPH K

Modern functionalist furniture & apothecary

Fredericiagade 57, 1310 CPH K

Atelier September
Art café ($$$)

Gothersgade 30, 1123 CPH K

Palæ Bar
Local dive bar ($$)

Ny Adelgade 5, 1104 CPH K

Wood Wood Museum
Wood Wood fashion outlet

Frederiksborggade 54, 1366 CPH K

Norse Projects
Men's & women's clothing

Pilestræde 39, 1112 København

Men's & women's sneakers & streetwear

Rådhusstræde 7, 1161 CPH K

Jack's Hole in a Wall (Chain)
To go or to stay coffee shop ($$)

Jorcks Passage 1, 1162 CPH K

The Union Local
Modern cocktail bar ($$$)

Lille Strandstræde 16, 1254 CPH K

Aamanns 1921
Traditional Danish "smørrebrød" (The rye-bread thing with topping)

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 19-21, 1153 CPH K

A sustainable sea life focused restaurant ($$)

Peder Skrams Gade 15, 1054 CPH K

CUB Coffee Bar
Copenhagen underground brewers

Boldhusgade 6, 1062 CPH K

Etage Projects
It’s more a museum than a store and a great place to gather inspiration — but everything is up for purchase. A fusion of interior and art.

Borgergade 15, CPH K

A highly curated concept store (ridiculously expensive) but worth a visit

Borgergade 17, 1300 CPH K

The Royal Library Garden
Located on Slotsholmen, between the Christiansborg Palace and the Royal Library, the garden constitutes a small oasis in the heart of the city. It’s a great place to escape the noise of the city and get some rest during the day. Bring a book.

Storm · Design · Art · Fashion
High-end, sporty, and globally influenced street style

Store Regnegade 1, 1110 CPH K

Ved Stranden 10
A wine bar & shop ($$$)

Ved Stranden 10, 1061 CPH K

Nikolaj Kunsthal
Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

Nikolaj Plads 10, 1067 CPH K

Botanical Garden
A perfect escape in the middle of the city

Gothersgade 128, 1123 CPH K

Copenhagen N (Nørrebro) & NV

Assistens Cemetery
A combination of a cemetery and a park where people run or come to hang out during summertime.

Local street with small shops, restaurants & bars

Manfreds (Vegetarian restaurant + tartar $$)
Istid (Smooth ice creme made from nitrogen $$)
Markers & Pens (Markers & pencil shop)
BANANA (Ice creme made from ripe bananas $$)
The Coffee Collective (Coffee shop chain $$)

Local street with antique shops, restaurants & bars

A20 (Restaurant $$)
Kind of Blue (Dive bar $$)
LULU (Bar & cocktails $$)
Det Ny Scala (Dive b $)

Elmegade & Sankt Hans Torv
Local street and square with small shops and bars

Ølbaren (Draft beer $$)
Carhartt WIP Store (Men's & women's workwear)
Acne Archive Store (Acne outlet)
Packyard (Men's clothing)
Wulff & Konstali Food Shop (Café & brunch chain $$)

Local street with small shops, restaurants, bars, and a cinema

Paloma (Vermuteria & café $$)
Snacks & Blues (Casual restaurant $$)
Mirabelle (Café & bakery $$$)
Bæst (Organic pizza $$)
BRUS (Food & draft beer $$)
Ninos (Italian pizza $$)

Local street with small shops, galleries, budget restaurants & bars

Gao Dumpling ($)
Limited Works (Gallery)
Café Blågårds Apotek (Bar & live music venue $$)

Late-night food ($$)

Refsnæsgade 32, 2200 CPH N

Plant-based café; with an amazing breakfast & to die for cakes ($$)

Birkegade 21, 2200 CPH N

Cool natural wine shop, bar & snacks ($$)

Møllegade 3, 2200 CPH N

Mahalle (Chain)
Lebanese food ($)

Birkegade 6, 2200 CPH N

The Barking Dog
Cozy cocktail bar ($$)

Sankt Hans Gade 19, 2200 CPH N

Minas Kaffebar
Budget coffee shop ($)

Nørrebrogade 72, 2200 CPH N

Andersen & Maillard
Hyped and crowded (but great) coffee shop ($$)

Nørrebrogade 62, 2200 CPH N

Multiple tiny pizzas ($$)

Skyttegade 3, 2200 CPH N

Da Gallo Pizzeria
Real italian pizza ($)

Glumsøvej 44, 2700 Brønshøj

Mikkeller & Ramen to Bíiru
Ramen & beer restaurant ($$)

Griffenfeldsgade 28, 2200 CPH N

Baka d'Busk
Vegetarian & vegan plant bistro ($)

Rantzausgade 44, 2200 CPH N

Asian inspired food ($$)

Ryesgade 25, 2200 CPH N

Restaurant Safari
Cosy and casual late-night dinner and wine-handout ($$)

Baggesensgade 9, 2200 CPH N

Copenhagen V (Vesterbro) & SV

Prolog Coffee Bar
The nerdiest of coffee shops

Høkerboderne 16, 1712 CPH V

Siciliansk Is
Without question the best ice creme shop in the city

Skydebanegade 3, 1709 CPH V

Tivoli Gardens
World’s oldest amusement park (expensive, but worth a visit)

Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 CPH V

Old red light district that has undergone extensive gentrification and turned into one of the trendiest areas with small shops, restaurants & cafes

Es (Women's Clothing & Slow Fashion)
DANSK (Furniture & interior)
A Door (Tiny interior shop)
KYOTO (Men's & Women's Clothing)
Skydebanegade Legeplads (Outdoor playground)
Falang (Asiateria $$)
Sticks & Sushi (Sushi chain $$$)
Jagger (Burger chain $$)

French street with small shops, cafes & coffee shops

Granola (French Café $$)
Rist (Coffee Shop $$)
Dora (Interior)
Les Trois Cochons (French Restaurant $$)
Wood Wood Life Store (Lifestyle shop by Wood Wood)

Kødbyen (The Meatpacking District)
Old Meatpacking Districts turned into a cultural, creative hub with galleries, restaurants & bars.

Gorilla (Restaurant, bar & hangout spot $$)
VH1 (Contemporary gallery)
Fiskebaren (Seafood restaurant $$$)
Tommy’s Burger Joint (Burger bar $$)
NOHO (Co-working, café & bar $$)
1656 (Cocktail bar $$$)
Paté Paté (Restaurant & wine bar $$$)

H15 (Cafeteria, bar, studio & scene $$)

Mesteren & Lærlingen (Dive bar $)

Local boulevard, with a lot of hangout spots, basket and soccer courts, small shops & cafés

K I H O S K H (A modern grocery store with specialties and a great selection of magazines and beer $$$)
Dyrehaven (Café & Bar $$)
Volatil bar (Natural wine bar $$)
Absalon (Old church turn into community space)
Edison & Co. (Vintage interior and design)

Sustainable & slow fashion made by women in prison

Oehlenschlægersgade 36, 1663 CPH V

Modern cocktail bar ($$)

Vesterbrogade 72B, 1620 CPH V

Books, magazines, gallery & café

Tullinsgade 11, 1618 CPH V

Bevi Bevi
Italian food & wine bar ($$)

Oehlenschlægersgade 53, 1663 CPH V

Minimalistic Italian restaurant ($$)

Bagerstræde 9, 1617 CPH V

Vester Vov Vov
French-inspired art cinema & café est. 1975

Absalonsgade 5, 1658 CPH V

Central Hotel*** & Café
1 room hotel & café ($$)

Tullinsgade 1, 1618 CPH V

Coco Hotel****
Boutique hotel ($$$)

Vesterbrogade 41, 1620 CPH V

Manon Les Suites*****
Hotel & spa ($$$$)

Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 CPH V

Sporting Health Club/ SHC Søerne (Chain)
Gym with boxing

Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 CPH V

Østerberg (Chain)
Ice creme science ($$)

Tullinsgade 25, 1618 CPH V

Osteria 16 (Chain)
Italian restaurant ($$)

Haderslevsgade 16, 1671 CPH V

Italo Disco
Italian Restaurant ($$)

Oehlenschlægersgade 5, 1663 CPH V

Pasta & Wine Bar ($$)

Helgolandsgade 2, 1653 CPH V

Steel House
A luxury hostel in the middle of the city

Herholdtsgade 6, 1605 CPH V

Café Riga
Outdoor bar, drinks, wine, beer & snacks ($$)

Dannebrogsgade 53, 1660 CPH V

Copenhagen's green Narnia

Otto Busses Vej 45, 2450 CPH SV

Italian supermarket and food temple ($$$)

Støbegodsvej 1, 2450 CPH SV

Copenhagen Ø (Østerbro)

Juno the bakery
Modern bakery, known for their cinnamon buns ($$)

Århusgade 48, 2100 CPH Ø

Old navy base & one of the best-preserved fortresses in Northern Europe (great for a stroll)

Oz Men's Store & Oz Women's Store
Men's & women's clothing

Østerbrogade 116-118, 2100 CPH Ø

Gro Spiseri
Nordic self-sustained rooftop restaurant ($$$)

Æbeløgade 4, 2100 CPH Ø

Hønen & Ægget
Local café with breakfast & lunch ($$)

Øster Farimagsgade 16, 2100 CPH Ø

At the Counter
Local café

Randersgade 45, 2100 CPH Ø

Ice creme shop

Randersgade, Bopa Pl. 43, 2100 CPH Ø

Reinventing the Danish butter cookies ($$$)

Ryesgade 118, 2100 CPH Ø

Hos Fischer
Italian restaurant & pizza ($$)

Victor Borges Pl. 12, 2100 CPH Ø

Svanemøllen Strand
Beach & wooden pier

I Blame Lulu
Preloved women's clothing store

Rosenvængets Allé 8, 2100 CPH Ø

Coffee Store & Showroom

Ryesgade 88, 2100 CPH Ø

Amager & Islandsbrygge

Amager Standpark
Beach park

Copenhagen Cablepark
Wakeboard park & hangout spot

Kraftværksvej 24, 2300 CPH S

Il Buco
Organic Italian restaurant & café ($$)

Njalsgade 19C, 2300 CPH S

Harbor Baths
Yes, you can swim in the harbor!

Ice cream & coffee shop

Markmandsgade 1, 2300 CPH S

Christianshavn, Inderhavnsbroen & Refshaleøen

Freetown established in 1971 in an old abandoned military area. Christiania is known for its alternative housing, acceptance of artists, addicts, and vulnerable minorities, Green Light District/pusher street, and a liberal view on cannabis and psychedelics.

Classic old bath house, sauna & spa

Sofiegade 15, 1418 CPH

GANNI Postmoderne
GANNI fashion outlet

Overgaden Oven Vandet 40, 1415 CPH

French inspired Danish cuisine ($$$)

Wilders Plads 2, 1403 CPH

The Apartment
Cult-favorite interiors store

Overgaden Neden Vandet 33, 1.sal, 1414 CPH

The Corner (Next door to 108*)
Coffee & wine bar ($$)

Strandgade 108, 1401 CPH K

Restaurant Barr
Northern European restaurant ($$)

Strandgade 93, 1401 CPH

Quality food in relaxed surroundings ($$$)

Strandgade 87 E, 1401 CPH

Baby Baby Bar -> Empirical Dock House & Iluka
Summer chill, swim, hangout spot & concrete beach ($$)

Refshalevej 151, 1432 CPH

Blocs & Walls
Rock climbing gym

Refshalevej 163D, 1432 CPH

Lille Bakery
Hyped bakery ($$)

Refshalevej 213A, 1432 CPH

Airy, industrial dining room serving global dishes, made from produce sourced from own kitchen garden ($$$$)

Refshalevej 153, 1432 CPH

Broens Gadekøkken
Street food court ($)

Strandgade 95, 1401 CPH

La Banchina
Food, wine, swim, summer chill & hangout spot ($$)

Refshalevej 141, 1432 CPH

B & W Marked
Antique 4,000 m2 flea market (mostly furniture)

Refshalevej 171B, 1432 CPH


Hart Bageri
Another hyped bakery ($$$)

Gl. Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg

Copenhagen Zoo
Good for kids

Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg

Tiny French bistro

Martensens Allé 16, 1828 Frederiksberg

Jerome Vintage
Luxury vintage clothing

Gl. Kongevej 105, 1850 Frederiksberg

Cosy & casual restaurant in the heart of Frederiksberg ($$)

Gammel Kongevej 96, 1850 Frederiksberg

Underground art experience

Bag Søndermarken, 2000 Frederiksberg


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Contemporary museum with an amazing garden (worth the 1h train trip)

Hornbæk Strand
Beach & surf spot

Arken Museum of Modern Art
Contemporary museum

Bakken & Dyrehaven
Old amusement park & natural resort

Experimental science museum

Chalk cliffs overlooking a beach

Small inhabited island with beautiful nature - good for a weekend getaway

Lynæs Surfcenter
Café, surf & sub school, burger joint, bakery, bar, office community, events, accommodation, and more!

Stay in luxury tents under the stars with the ocean in front and the forest behind you. Experience nature, enjoy delicious food at @madro_dk, and hop in the sauna after a swim.

Ro Naturcamp
Here you can relax in the middle of the most beautiful nature, surrounded by orchards and water. Opens July 2020.


Fine dining restaurant

Scandinavian restaurant

Holistic cuisine

Local Nordic cuisine

Kadeau Copenhagen**
Fine dining restaurant

Fine dining restaurant

Søllerød kro*
Classic French cuisine

Kiin Kiin*
Contemporary Thai fusion

Formel B*
Fine Dining Restaurant

Kong Hans Kælder*
Fine dining restaurant

Marchal* located in D'Angleterre
Modern European restaurant

Contemporary cuisine

Fine dining restaurant

Farm to table

Seasonal kitchen

Danish restaurant