Written by
Roxana Niculescu

Chance Croall

You know when you see someone on stage, and you just know they were born to perform? Chance Croall is a force of nature like that – a solo rapper, musician, and drawing artist, based in tiny Lund, Sweden.

Music has always been his thing. Two years ago, his brother and two of his friends asked him over to a jam session. It's enough to see them live once to understand why they went from jamming to form the rap group, Mundane Experience.

Their raw talent, endless drive, and ability to stay focused on collaborating, developing, and creating, even in the toughest times, is something I believe we all can learn from.

The first time I got theMundane Experience was when they performed in a country house barn, somewhere wild and free in the very flat, but also very pretty Southern Sweden. You know that vibe when you've had all the food you could eat at the party, and it's hard to move? Everyone lazy-lounging with the countryside skyline all around, drinking drinks and talking talks. Everything changed when they started playing. The party resembled a "before and after" makeover experience. They give new energy—wavy jazzy hip-hop goodness.

Chance curated a badass playlist for us, and we're so thankful — a playlist for uncertain times. We hope it can bring out your inner strength, but also let you embrace things exactly as they are happening. Enjoy!

Oh, and by the way this year Chance also released his solo EP, Split Mind.


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