Written by
the LULU—LAND Team

Ieva Vi

Say hi to Ieva Vi. She's an incredibly talented designer, digital content creator, and visual communicator. In the coming months, she'll help us develop our email marketing strategy and step up our motion graphics and GIF game big time.

Everyone knows that you are supposed to receive a welcome email immediately after you have signed up for a newsletter—It's been on our to-do list forever—Ieva is totally going to make this happen. If you're already signed up, she's also the one who will make sure that you'll receive that occasional update that won't make you forget about us.

Ieva is originally from Lithuania but lives a digital nomad; working with what she loves the most, while traveling. She is curious and always ask interesting and well-informed questions that make us think and reflect.

In her spare time, you might find her with a camera at hand; she loves connecting with people and documenting memorable occasions.

Ieva is inspired by everything from scents like perfumes and the smell of Spring to calm and positive people, long walks in nature, and well … social media. However, like most of us she is painfully aware that it's a super powerful tool that can overwhelm you if you don't use your time wisely!

We hope that you'll notice the quirky motions on our platforms and smile next time you receive our newsletter, thanks to Ieva.


NAME Ieva Vi

INSTAGRAM @iamnotieva, @vilcinskaitee & @ievaviphoto