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Instagramlove #06

#instagramlove is a series of posts where we share some of the accounts we enjoy following. We love accounts that leave us feeling inspired, motivated, and curious. Read more about the series and our view on Instagram here.

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#instagramlove @emilielilja

Emilie Lilja (DK) — a Danish influencer, DJ, writer, and entrepreneur. She is funny, unpretentious, and very relatable. Emilie is the mother of Torben (a Bichon Havanais dog) and the PA of Miljømulle, a passionate cartoon girl who first showed up in Emilie's stories and later created her own account where she shares research and knowledge about climate change as well as tips and tricks for living more sustainably and making better everyday choices.

Emilie has worked with the community, GirlTalk, to help young girls and women who struggle with issues such as loneliness and low self-esteem. She is currently working with Joannahuset, a newly opened crisis center in Copenhagen, who gives children and young adults in vulnerable situations a sanctuary, someone to talk to, and a bed to sleep in 24/7, all year round.

Emilie openly shares some of her personal battles; examples are the hardcore training she did to get in shape for a pro boxing match (which she won), and her fight against the osteoarthritis diagnosis she lives with, and her work towards becoming free of chronic pain in a meaningful partnership with @emme_niyo and Adidas.

We have the utmost respect for influencers like Emilie, who use their voice and following to help others and make the world a little bit better.

#instagramlove @teklafabrics

TEKLA Fabrics — a Copenhagen-based homeware and textile company, founded by Charlie Hedin in 2017. It's no secret that we're suckers for great entrepreneurial stories — this is no exception. TEKLA is an environmentally-conscious and design-led lifestyle brand. We love them for their durable, visually pleasing, and sustainable products that ooze tranquility and comfort. They have created a range of products for sleep, bath, and living to complement any home with a desire to embrace functional, minimalistic, and straightforward living.

#instagramlove @celestebarber

Celeste Barber — an Australian actor, comedian, and writer who has become world-famous for her hilarious and down to earth interpretations of celebrities and famous women's post and videos on social media under the hashtag #celestechallengeaccepted. She lives in Sydney with her husband, Api Robin (@hothusband), and their children.

Barber has more than 7.6M followers and has used this following to create awareness around good causes on several occasions. During the devastating 2019–20 Australian bushfire season, she launched a fundraising appeal with a target of raising A$15,000 for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service's RFS Brigades Donation Fund. The fundraiser raised over A$50 million, making it the largest ever held on Facebook. Crazy in a fantastic way.

#instagramlove @marzyjane

Marz Lovejoy — an American mama, wife, multi-media artist, and visionary. She's a songwriter, performer, model, actor, opining-maker, and public speaker on everything from happiness & wellness to inclusion, creativity, actualizing personal dreams, and equality. She has worked with homeless shelters, the LGBTQ community, Women of Color empowerment groups, as well as Black and Brown doulas, midwives, and organizations steeped in birth work.

Marz is the editor in chief; she makes things happen @officemagazinenyc and has founded @smallactsmatter. She raised $45k for Black Mothers and birth workers when she created a campaign around the live stream of her home birth. Months later, she went on to be the face of Nike's debut (M)aternity line and organized a bike ride in New York City with Nike to celebrate and raise money for Black women.

And as if that wasn't enough, she also shares insight into her family life with her beautiful children, Nomi and Mars, and her husband, stylist, and founder of Office MagazineSimon Rasmussen.

What we admire the most is her ability to not let herself be limited by what other people think is or isn't possible.

#instagramlove @girlsareawesome

Girls Are Awesome — a community, brand, and impact agency that creates content, experiences, products, and partnerships towards gender equality—a conversation starter.

The community seeks to create enabling conditions for change through culture and business. That means showcasing role models, writing articles, hosting events, recording podcasts, shooting videos, developing products, and working with corporate partners on projects that increase female representation and level the playing field.

Girls Are Awesome is an international team of makers and doers based in Copenhagen and Stockholm, with collaborators & fam from Accra to L.A. Their backgrounds are dotted across media, retail, design, finance, hospitality, and the NGO world, and they share a love for shaping culture, delivering experiences, and pushing the envelope on female representation.

And believe it or not, founded by a couple of guys. What's not to like?