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the LULU—LAND Team & Lauren Bagley

Lauren Bagley

Lauren Bagley, founder of Beluna Coworking, Ubud, Bali

I first met Lauren in Ubud, Bali, in 2019. I had just arrived at Hubud — a co-working space in the middle of the Balinese Jungle, with cheeky monkeys everywhere. One week earlier, I had a well-paid and secure job as a consultant, which I'd manage to throw overboard to follow my dream; start my own business while traveling the world at the same time. Things had gone pretty fast since I made the decision. I hadn't really had time to think before that morning, where reality hit. There I was, almost 12,000 kilometers away from everything I knew, and pretty far out of my comfort zone.

When I walked into Hubud, the first person I saw was Lauren. She was friendly, she smiled, and waved me over… from that second, I knew everything was going to be alright. The following weeks we shared—and both overcame—the fear of getting on a motorbike for the first time and navigating the at times insane, Balinese traffic chaos.

I see a lot of myself in Lauren. For better and for worse. She is openminded, spontaneous, and has a knack for doing the unexpected. And on top, she is hilarious to be around. I truly admire her courage to follow her own path and live out her dreams—even the ones everyone else thinks of as crazy.

Lauren is a jack of many trades, a hard-working businesswoman, and a spiritual yogi at the same time. She mixes the best of both worlds in a way that I personally find incredibly inspiring. I look forward to visiting her latest project, Beluna, a co-working space for dreamers and doers, she has built from scratch in Ubud, following Balinese traditions and customs for bamboo craftsmanship. During Corona, Lauren has, unlike many foreigners, stayed in Bali. She helps struggling locals in the best ways she can, while the opening of her little gem has been postponed a bit for now.

I have no doubt that we'll be working together somehow in the future; only time will tell how. I could go on ... However, for now, I hope you'll get as inspired by Lauren as we are at LULU—LAND. 



Lauren Bagley

Birth month/year:
12 January 1988


Currently located in:

What do you do for a living?
Freelance Project Manager, Owner of Events company and Virtual Assistant Company, Owner and founder of Beluna Coworking, Bali

Balinese Waterfall


What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Stretch! Then have a hot lemon water

What is a typical day like for you?
Wake up, hot lemon water, put contact lenses in, throw on some tight yoga lycra items, head to a yoga class in Ubud (try not to think about the ten thousand things in my head and say ohm a few times), head home to shower, listen to a podcast, get dressed, journal, gratitude list then ‘To Do’ List –always a never ending list, usually transferred from the day before…! Jump on my scooter, head to a meeting with either a builder or a potential partnership, work from a café on my Beluna project, which is due to open soon. Drink loads of coffee, eat my first meal of the day around 1pm (I intermittent fast) usually a smoothie bowl and a matcha latte, then I head home, and continue with the Beluna task list, including many zoom meetings and lots of organising and administration. I usually work until 9pm in the evening, then try to switch off phone and laptop. Shower, put some chilled music on, and go to bed around 11pm.

And now that we're at it – what are the last things you do before bedtime?
Switch all digital devices off, light some incense, read a book, do somemore stretching, have a hot shower and usually drown myself in coconut oil

How do you spend your weekends?
Yoga, walks, lunches with friends, beach time, massage, dancing and most importantly lots of eating. The cafes in Ubud are a delight to say the least! I try to switch off from work things as much as possible as my weeks are so full on.

When was the last time you celebrated?
Today, most days. I like to celebrate all things, especially the small wins.

Signing contacts—let the fun begin—Beluna Coworking



What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate. Always. Anything chocolate.

What is your superpower?
I have a white streak in my hair like storm from X Men. I can dislocate my hip on demand. I can smile when I’m angry (super power or slightly creepy?Who knows).

The Beluna construction site



What could you spend all day talking about?
Health and nutrition and magic potions that come from nature that can heal the human body. That – or the fact that loads of the Black Mirror episodes have come true. Can we talk about that?

What inspires you?
Nature, dreams, art, colours, poetry, travel, culture, humans, kindess of strangers

First time upstairs—Beluna!



Repeat or shuffle? What have you been listening to lately, and what are you humming in the shower?

Music: Vivii, Band of Horses, The National, Ben Howard, Future Islands

Podcasts: Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Louise Haye


Poster or collectors’ items? If we gave you a million, what would be decorating your walls?
Collectors items.

"I don’t actually follow the news... I stopped watching/reading it a long time ago."

Newspapers, journals, magazines, online platforms, digital media, podcasts… you name it – how do you keep yourself updated, and what are your news sources?
I don’t actually follow the news (brainwashing). I stopped watching/reading it a long time ago. I prefer to choose the content I listen to so I follow certain people of interest or inspiration on Instagram, listen to podcasts of inspirational people I would like to learn from, a mixture of business, leadership, spirituality and health.

If you could have lunch with one person, alive or dead, who would that be?
My grandad, my dad’s dad that I never met. I would love to meet him and hear all his stories and memories.

Books, movies, and/or series – what can you recommend?

Books: The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho, 5am Club – Robin Sharma, DaringGreatly – Brené Brown

Movies: The Notebook (of course.), Avatar, Up, Shawshank Redemption,Shutter Island, Bridesmaids

Series: Sense 8, OA, Normal People, Utopia, Black Mirror (an insight into my mind)

Which three Instagram accounts should everyone follow?

Mark Groves – to learn about all the love things

Deepak Chopra – to learn about life and keeping calm for all the life things

Eva Angelina – for lols.

... and more bamboo!



Who was your first big love?
Farran Wooler, at School. First love, first heartbreak, first boyfriend that had to carry me home because I was too drunk to walk.

What's the single best realization you have ever had?
That we are completely and utterly responsible for our lives and that we create our reality, whether we choose to perceive things as good or bad, is up to us. Mind blowing. (and a lot of responsibility)

"Everyone thought I had lost my mind and would be back in a month or so (Lauren’s gone cray cray again)."

What's the best bad or crazy decision you have ever made? That moment that seemed so wrong but turned out so right. If you don't make bad or crazy decisions, have you then ever made a decision that changed your entire life?
If you asked my parents, they probably wouldn’t know which one to pick with me…

However, I would have to say cancelling my wedding, quitting my well paid secure London job in the music industry, packing my bags and moving to Ibiza, without a plan, a place to live or a job. Everyone thought I had lost my mind and would be back in a month or so (Lauren’s gone cray cray again).

(I lived there nearly five years.)

IMB approval of the building—Beluna


How are you, really? It's nice to check in every once in a while. 
I am good, really good. Thanks for asking.

However the past few months have been challenging, confronting and eyeopening. Haven’t they? Who would have thought a virus named after a beer would affect us all so deeply and strangely and bring up all those vulnerable thoughts and moments that we all have that we didn’t know we have, and then make it a reason for your ex’s to message you and see how you are, and your friends to start sending you weird memes because they don’t have a job anymore, and then you just cry for no reason.

But yes, I’m fine. I’m fine.

When are you the happiest? 
When I’m eating. Preferably surrounded by loved ones and funny ones.  

What scares you the most?
Losing my loved ones

What keeps you up at night these days?
My to do list usually, missing people, lucid dreams, the need to wee.


Tell us one thing people would never know about you by just looking at you?
That I have an obsession with extremely spicy food and put chillis on everything, and can probably out eat the biggest man at the table.

Mindfulness & ice bath therapy!

What habit would improve your life?
Daily meditation, to keep me more present. I do it, but still think of 10,000 things at the same time.  

We all have qualities that don't really have any rhyme or reason. What is one thing you don't understand about yourself? 

Why I am so bad at time keeping. I am terrible at it, always have been. My teacher used to make me write lines on the board at school, like Bart Simpson. But even she gave up.

What works for you at the moment, and what doesn’t?

Works: Morning routine, yoga, being in nature, dancing

Doesn’t: Too much time on the computer, not enough free time, feeling stressed and trying not to


When do you feel the most comfortable in your own skin?
When I’m with my family or with my best friend Sophie, because she knows all my things.

What makes you feel insecure?
Being in a large group of people and having to speak in front of them

Traditional Balinese ceremony for the land Beluna is built on

"I am currently creating a dream and a vision I have had for a long time, something that will support many people to live the life of their dreams, whilst developing their personal skills, mindsets and growth and opportunities."

What's the best thing about the next thing you are during?
I am currently creating a dream and a vision I have had for a long time, something that will support many people to live the life of their dreams, whilst developing their personal skills, mindsets and growth and opportunities.

"Plans are worthless– but planning is everything" – Dwight D. Eisenhower. What does the future look like for you – what are your dreams and goals?

Living in Bali, traveling more, more free time to spend with my family, continuing to build my business and expanding to other locations, learning new skills

Beluna almost ready to open, then Corona happened


"I’m quite hard on myself which can be a good thing and a bad thing, but I don’t allow myself to sit around and mope for long. I usually give myself a kick up the ass to put things into action and find a solution."

What (or who) motivates you in difficult times? 
Myself mostly. I’m quite hard on myself which can be a good thing and a bad thing, but I don’t allow myself to sit around and mope for long. I usually give myself a kick up the ass to put things into action and find a solution. Failing that, my mum usually tells me how it is when I need to hear it.

Good advice is priceless. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Remembering that nothing lasts forever. When I first heard this as a little girl it made me feel sad, but now I’m older, I understand it. And I like it. It makes me embrace every single moment and love it for what it is, whether it feels good or it feels uncomfortable. It won’t last forever, so just be in it.

What is the kindest thing anyone ever said to you or the best compliment anyone ever gave you? 
That I am like an onion (I know it doesn’t sound very flattering). But the person was saying that they enjoy getting to know me because there are many layers of me and that they can tell that the more I trust someone the more I allow them in, and that it makes them feel special to be in my world. I liked it that someone could get that about me and see me authentically.

How do you heal a broken heart?
You don’t. You just mend it with gold and make it even more big and beautiful than before. Like the Japanese do with pottery – ‘Kintzsugi’


Ground floor sunrise—Beluna



What is going to be the next big thing? (concepts, businesses, ideas, mega trends, etc.)
Online businesses and remote teams, Artificial Intelligence, Robots.

We would love to find out about cool new places and things to do in your area. What are your favorite places? Where do you like to go to have fun? 

Radiantly Alive for yoga classes,

Sayuri for delectable smoothie bowls,

La Brisa, Canggu for sunset cocktails and music,

Akasha, Ubud for good DJ’s, dancing and cacao ceremonies,

Sage Restaurant for amazing plant based food,

Alchemy, Ubud for the most delicious vegan desserts,

Tjampuhan Spa for rest and relax

Ubud Yoga House, for yoga overlooking the rice terraces

The Traveler, for romantic dinner

Silêncio, for out of this world party experiences

Beluna mural painting by Monicci


What is the most favorite, most useful, and most useless object you own, respectively?

Favorite: My scooter – I love the freedom of jumping on it and riding through the rice fields, it’s the best way to see the beauty of Bali

Useful: My computer, it keeps me in touch with my family, my clients, do my shopping, book my flights, take online programs and learn new things – endless possibilities from the box with the apple on it.

Useless: A pair of heeled shoes that I brought back from the UK with me at Christmas. No need for heels in Bali. Ever. But they look lovely on my shelf, collecting all the dust.

What was the last thing you searched for on your phone? Be careful: you might be required to show proof. 
‘Isometric exercises’ – because someone told me to do them and I didn’t know what they were.

A girl needs to eat—preferably healthy vegetarian food

"Now, that I am on different time zones to my closest friends, we usually leave each other voice notes, then respond when the other is awake. It’s nice to hear their voices, and they are usually hilarious."

Call or text? Which is better, and why?

At the moment – text, because time is a bit limited. It’s nice to be able to respond at a time when I have space rather than rush a phone call. In fact, I prefer voice notes. Now, that I am on different time zones to my closest friends, we usually leave each other voice notes, then respond when the other is awake. It’s nice to hear their voices, and they are usually hilarious.

If I have more time – Calls.

Am I allowed to give 3 answers?

Another Balinese ceremony showing respect for local customs and traditions


"It costs nothing to be polite, compassionate and kind."

What is your pet peeve?
Oh god. There’s many – rude people, loud people, slow walkers, loud eaters, invasion of personal space, the list goes on!

But my number one would be rude people. I dated someone recently who was very rude to a waiter. I don’t like that, I think it says a lot about someone, and you know one day they will also speak to you like that. It costs nothing to be polite, compassionate and kind.

What is the most interesting thing in your trash can?
An empty spirulina packet?... Awkward.

You’ve been given an elephant. You can’t give it away or sell it. What would you do with it?
Oh I would not want to give it away or sell it. Elephants are my favourite animals because they are strong, mischievious, loyal and the baby ones throw tantrums. I would make my best efforts to get to know the elephant and learn all it’s tricks.

Safely relocating a tiny palm on the building site



What is the meaning of life?
To find the things that make your heart sing, and do that.

Whilst experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions, heart breaks, wins and losses, confusion, pain, joy, intense love, intense loss, laughs, tears, cuddles and experiences, all along the way.

Look, mom, I made it! – How do you define success? 
Living a life of freedom, that fills me with joy and allows me to live an abundant life, in all ways, a life that I can share with my loved ones and share and give to others.

Beluna surrounded by beautiful rice fields



Name three people you would like to answer these questions?

Daria Kalista, Founder of AF Company

Vasoulla Demetriou, Founder of Soulshine Retreats

Matt & Laura, Founder of Ekommunity


How would you describe LULU—LAND?
The land in which the ones that know, know. A community hub of all the ones who are crazy enough to believe they can, and they do.


“Keep some room
in your heart
for the

Corona life—safety first—Bali


NAME Lauren Bagley



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