Written by
the LULU—LAND Team

Editorial #01: Welcome

We are equally excited, anxious, and terrified about welcoming you to the LULU—LAND Journal. We have been working on this (in secret) for quite some time.
Our intention is to provide a space for the generation and sharing of inspiration. Our vision; to create a high-quality publication – inspiring, relevant, challenging, thought-provoking, and inclusive of a diverse range of voices and perspectives. A place for our community to share crazy ideas, new concepts, personal stories, experiences, thoughts, feelings, good advice, recommendations, etc. There are no rules!
We are thrilled that you are joining us as readers, and we hope you will join us as contributors as well. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have something interesting, exciting, or utterly different that you would like us to share with everyone.
LULU—LAND is a tiny global community for creative "kids," artists, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, athletes, and entrepreneurs – all of those to whom crazy ideas and thinking differently somehow comes naturally. A community that brings together like-minded creators, thinkers, troublemakers, popcorn brains, nomads, explorers, geeks, rebels, and curious outsiders, who thrive with fluid boundaries and whose restlessness and creative mindset are their greatest strengths.
LULU—LAND is for those who get it.