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Jon Doe

Who is Jon Doe?

Jon is an LA-based DJ, wedding biz owner (@veilandvinyls), and foodie who reached out to us because he'd love to curate one of our playlists. We love to connect with new people and, of course, didn't hesitate to say yes.

As we have gotten to know Jon, we have found that his life revolves around his brilliant wife/ partner in crime @janesdotyu, personal growth, DJing, health, and fitness. He is curious about anything that has to do with personal development. He seems to be continually working on how he can be a better human being than he was yesterday and finding ways to impact the people around him in positive ways.

Like us, Jon is a big fan of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck. Understanding the growth mindset concept was a game-changer for him—being a learner is everything.

As a former NYC resident, Jon has had the opportunity to take inspiration from the best of both coasts and has blended a selection of sounds that influenced him throughout his life. As an open-format and multi-genre DJ, he doesn't let any particular genre define him but likes playing the music that moves him, including Hip-hop, R&B/Soul, Dance/Electronica (EDM, Disco, House), Pop, Top 40s, Funk, Reggae and everything in between.



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